3 week fitness mark

I have officially hit the 3 week mark, so here I am sitting on the tube home home writing up my ‘research and development notes’.

Please be aware the below text is of MY own opinion of MY own life. If you are easily offended, this is not the blog to follow.


I cannot begin without first explaining where this all began. The pivotal point and the purpose of my writing.

So there I was, picking outfits for the beach holiday I have just booked for August. I pick up a couple of items but the two key pieces that bounce to the forefront of my mind as I relive this memory are the cute pair of hot pants and matching bodice… (seriously, uber cute).

Am I still at size 10? I have got to be. To be fair I haven’t bought jeans in a while (mostly dresses, jeggings and tops of the baggy-ish sort) but I am sure all my jeans at home are a 10?

Welcome to stage 1. Denial.

I pick up the items in MY size 10 walk into the ladies fitting room and within minutes realise:
(1) The sizing in this shop must run small –  I am a 10.. Or maybe not…
(2) Enter Stage 2. Reality Check. OUCH – I’m now a 12?…

I land up leaving with a comfy fitting 14, happy with my purchase, confidence knocked. Now before you get offended by my sizing issues, let me first explain: I am 5ft tall, I wear size 3 shoes, and I was, for the majority of my life a fitted size 8, comfy 10. My BMI is now pointing at overweight, passed overweight.


Swiftly onto Stage 3. Planning.

“You pay for gym membership and you don’t even use it! What makes you think you will use a piece of gym equipment?”

And so the argument began between him and I.

“That’s because I will never make it home before 11pm if I go to the gym after work – I will be starving… And you definitely do not want a hungry me strolling in through the door! ”

In the end, my argument held up and I bought a cross trainer.


Dying. My first 30 minute set and I have no shame admitting – I died.
I decided to make notes for future referral. Day 2, Journal Note : It really hurts to wash my hair !


I am not going to lie, more dying involved here, but I refused for him to be correct. This was not another one of my fads. I am quite the impulse buyer and this was not going to be another impulse buy, like the yoga ball I bought a few years back which I still haven’t used. So despite my lungs screaming at me for air, I continued to run.


Stage 4. Work Commitments. The first few days were great, pretty much kept to the pattern of train, break, train, break. Then life threw a curve ball, I had a launch event. I made a vow to myself:

I will not feel guilty. Food, Fashion & now Fitness was going to be a pleasure.

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t work 12+ hour days and still train (I was on a mission, but this was not suicide!)


I was tired from the last few days of solid work, so I told myself I would take it lightly. Day 9, Journal Note: I told myself 20 minutes, I didn’t want to stop. I pushed myself farther and faster than I had done so far.

BY DAY 14.

I had started this blog. Within the 5-day period I had purchased a mini stair stepper and incorporated both stepping, skipping and ab work into my sessions. I was actually enjoying it. My boyfriend observed, I know he was quietly impressed and he had to take back all the ‘fad’ comments he made, he even bought me some pink and white free weights. At this rate, I was ready to whip out the yoga ball that had been sitting in the cupboard for 3 years  (I was already using the yoga mat for my ab work).

DAY 15 – 21. WEEK 3

I started cross training much faster, for longer. I was now covering more steps in 20 minutes than I had done in my first set of 30 minutes. It was becoming part of my daily routine.

DAY 22

Stage 5. Achievement. Today. I fit into a tight / fairly stretchy pair of jeans without the initial jump up and down & squeeze it all in  (that does happen in real life!). Don’t get me wrong, they still fit snuggly, and these are not the ‘benchmark jeans’ (the 100% denim, non stretch, I used to fit into these jeans, I will fit into these jeans again, jeans)’ but I now feel I am moving in the right direction.

It is frigging hard, and I have to motivate myself to jump on as soon as I get home, but it has only been 3 weeks which would have rolled on by regardless of whether I had worked out or not. 3 weeks well worth the effort.

Fat to phat. pretty hot and tempting.

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